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About us. Kennel "Korolevstvo Gornih Psov"

Our kennel club was founded in 2003.

We are professional breeders of Berners Sennenhunds, Grosser Schweiser Sennenhunds and Entlebucher Sennenhunds.

Female Berners Sennenhund BERNI ZONEN TAL NATANIEL SHERI was our first dog. She has titles International Champion; Champion of Russia; Champion Grand; 2хCh.Club; BOS,Ch.Club (National dog show 22.05.2005);  Ch.RKF;  8хCACIB; 1хR.CACIB; 10хCAC; 5хBOB; 10хCW.

She gave life for 4 litters. Now she is grandmotherJ.

In the beginning of 2003 we brought from France one of the first Grosse Schweiser Sennenhunds in Russia. Her name was UP-TO-DATE DE LA VALLEE DES GRANDS DUCS. Next year, also from France, from JOYEUSES GAMBADES* kennel club, we brought 2 dogs - female ULANE DES JOYEUSES GAMBADES and male VOYAGE DES JOYEUSES GAMBADES. One year later brother and sister ATOMIC DES JOYEUSES GAMBADES and ASTRE DES JOYEUSES GAMBADES came here from France.

*“Joyeuses Gambades" is the largest kennel club in Europe for breeding Grosse Schweiser Sennenhunds and Entlebucher Sennenhunds.

Entlebucher Sennenhunds became our third breed. Entlebucher is the smallest one from 4 breeds of sennenhunds. Specimen of this breed we brought to Russia from France and Poland. Male DRACO BRABUSZ who was purchased by our kennel club in Poland, became Junior Champion of Europe in 2005 inAustria.

We suggest you to learn more about these dogs on our pages. These breeds are new in Russia and we believe that they find their fans here.

Our kennel club (Kingdom of mountain dogs) gives assistance and consultations for growing up the puppies. Also we offer handler and veterinary service.

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World dogs show-2018 (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
International Dog Show "EURASIA-2017" 17-19/03/2017
International Dog Show "CHERNOZEMIE - 2016". Voronezh, October 8
European Dog Show 2016, Brussels, Belgium
IDS 5/6/7 Aug 2016, Lithuania, Druskininkai
IDS CACIB -FCI "Serebryanyi Irbis- 2016" Kazan'(Russia). July 30, 2016


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